In 2016, with the advice of museum experts, the storage of Vallazzas Artwork has begun. Its purpose is to collect, safeguard and valorize the artists overall work, to certify the authenticity of each piece and to isolate possible counterfeits.

To proof the authenticity, the work has to be inserted in the main archive of Adolf Vallazza, and an identification number is assigned to each piece (archive number). For this procedure it’s important to define the object, that’s why it’s necessary to give:

  • At least one picture (digital, with a resolution >300dpi, or a print). It has to be taken from the front and it has to completely show the work. More pictures (side or back) are necessary if they could be useful for a better identification.
  • Indicate the year of creation (usually it’s written near the artists signature)
  • Indicate if there are the signature and the creation date and where they are located (possibly with a picture of the detail)
  • The dimensions of the parallelepiped in which the object could fit in (height, length and width) in centimeters.

The procedure requires a contribution of 100,00 € for each piece - in case of more objects a flat-rate contribution will be agreed.

With the insertion in the archive, a certificate of authenticity will be given to the applicant by e-mail - and, if requested, even by ordinary post - to the given address.

Pictures, data and the proof of payment have to be send to the following e-mail address: or the following address:

Archive Adolf Vallazza
via Sotria 6
39046 Ortisei (BZ)

For any more information please contact the following e-mail address: or the following phone number: +39 335 6783342 (people of reference: Sabina Vallazza and Ulrich Kostner)